The Executive Lounge (Thailand) : รับสมัคร Lounge Attendant ประจำห้องรับรองพิเศษการบินไทย ปฏิบัติงานสนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ




  • Lounge Attendant


  1. Greet and welcome customer at reception counter.
  2. Stand by at lounge for service passenger who is using lounge.
  3. Ensure materials provided are up to date and must be in good order.
  4. Ensure to cleaning table and sofa when passenger depart.
  5. Ensure all working areas are tidy and clean.
  6. Read and initial passenger on log book.
  7. Read customer list of today at the beginning of the shift.
  8. Maintain appropriate standard and procedures, dress hygiene, uniform and grooming in good appearance.
  9. Must be available to work on call and overtime when necessary.
  10. Must be available to work any shift including weekends and holidays.
  11. Other job related duties as assigned.


• Male or Female, Thai Nationality
• Age 20 years old over.
• Minimum Height Female 155 cm / Male 160 cm. at least
• Vocational, Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any fields.
• Fresh graduate are welcome.
• Good communication skill in English. (Third Language will be an advantage)
• TOEIC score of 450 or higher. (within 2 year)
• Well-groomed outward appearance.
• Service mindset, proactive, self-motivator and a team player
• Ability for shift work including early mornings, late nights, weekends and holidays.

Required document:

  1. Full English resume stating qualifications, experiences, and expected salary
  2. Recent Photograph
  3. Copy of Transcript
  4. Copy of TOEIC score result
  5. Copy of Identification card
  6. Copy of house particulars

Apply by email : [email protected]
Tel: 064-616-4615 (09:00-18:00)